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One reason people enjoy casement windows so much is the sense of romance and mystery they add to a home. Much like a door, casement windows open outward with precision and ease. All it takes is one crank of the hand and your windows are open, allowing fresh air, cool breezes and the beauty of nature at its finest into your home like a welcome friend. The primary reason so many people choose this type of window is the sheer romance of a window like this. It’s stunning, and it’s a show-stopper. Having these windows displayed prominently in your home adds unparalleled aesthetic appeal.

The Advantages of Casement Windows

Casement windows are beautiful, but we know that you want a little bit more to go on when it comes to paying for new windows. Aside from looks, casement windows do offer a number of advantages that make them worthwhile in any home.

  •   They open fully to really allow you to take advantage of the beautiful seasons
  •   Angled breezes are not a problem with casement windows as the open sash is a type of flap that allows for access to an angled breeze into your home
  •   It’s difficult to break into a casement window thanks to the hook-shaped locks within the frame that makes them unreachable for criminals
  •   No one wants to think of this, but casement windows allow for easier escape routes should a fire begin within your home or you need to escape quickly and haven’t access to a door for any reason
  •   Casement windows are priced well and very affordable
  •   They are energy efficient
  •   The ventilation they provide is excellent
  •   There are many designs to choose from

One more benefit that homeowners do appreciate more than most others is the durability and the long-lasting ability of casement windows. These windows are simple in construction, but that does not mean they are simple in their lifespan, as well. Rather, they are known to be the type of vinyl replacement window that often lasts the longest and requires the least amount of work or maintenance.

The one issue that you might encounter with a casement window is simple crank replacement as time goes on. However, cranks are inexpensive and easy to install, which means you are not inconvenienced in the least.

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