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When spring arrives and the weather turns every shade of beautiful, the most natural thing in the world is to want to spend some quality time outdoors. That means it’s time to add some outdoor living space to your home; and nothing is quite as impressive as a beautiful deck. A big, beautiful deck simply invites you to sit outdoors and enjoy the beauty that spring, summer and fall have to offer. Imagine this; you’re sitting on your deck, a cool glass of lemonade in hand, watching the children play in the yard. The smell of filet is wafting from the open grill and the evening sun is brilliant. All is right in the world.

That’s why people choose decks for their outdoor living space. Now that you’re convinced you need one – and you do – it’s time to make some important decisions. Do you want a wooden deck, or a composite deck? Either way, you’re getting wood at some point since the underlayment and the frame of your deck is made of treated lumber. However, what you see is a different story.

The Benefits of a Trex® Transcend® Deck

Manmade materials are far more expensive upfront, and that sometimes turns homeowners off of wanting this material on their deck. However, composite decks are well-made, durable and long-lasting. They are also typically less expensive over time. Whereas a wood deck requires stain and treatment every year or every other year, a composite deck does not.

Durable Core & Shell Coating
Hidden Clip System
Versatile Railing Options
Eco-Friendly & Durable

The biggest benefit of a composite deck is the fact that it’s just low-maintenance. Additionally, composite material does not crack, splinter or otherwise break down over time.

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The Benefits of A Wood Deck

When it comes to a wood deck, all natural means going with either cedar or treated lumber. Both are impressive and work well to provide you with the beautiful deck you’ve always wanted. Of course you have other options, such as redwood and other hardwoods, but they’re nowhere near as popular and simply not used very often on outdoor decks.

The main reason you might consider a wood deck in lieu of a composite deck is the initial cost. It’s far less expensive to have a wood deck built than it is one made of composite material.

How to Choose the Right Decking

The right decking material is highly personal. The material you choose should work well with your vision of your deck. It should match your interests and desires, and it should be what fits your lifestyle and your budget. Both are beautiful, but the decision is yours.

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