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Garden windows are picturesque in every manner possible. Providing homeowners with a little space in which to add a tiny indoor garden, they are a lovely place in which to grow herbs in the kitchen or even add a bit of the outside to closed off rooms located upstairs or high in a building. With side ventilation as well as small shelves, these windows allow homeowners to bring the outside in while living. The most popular and most common place to add a garden window is the kitchen so you can grow herbs to use while cooking fresh, decadent meals.

The Advantages of Garden Windows

There is no right or wrong place to put a garden window. If you want to grow a small garden in your home, you can add one wherever you see fit. While they are typically located in kitchens and over sinks, they’re really for anywhere in the home you choose. Obviously, the biggest advantage of garden window is the ability to be able to grow herbs and even vegetables or fruit or flowers in your home where you can easily access them and still provide them with the sunlight they require.

These windows jut out into your yard for optimum sunlight exposure, making them a great addition to any kitchen. With so much greater exposure to the elements, it makes sense that homeowners choose windows of this nature when they are working on improving the overall look and quality of their home.

  •   Garden windows provide shelf space for you to grow your flowers and plants, and they work like a small, indoor green house to help grow what you want and provide you with the space you need
  •   Garden windows make it possible for you to keep your herbs and plants in the kitchen without utilizing your precious counter space
  •   Garden windows add light to any room to make it seem bigger, brighter and airier at all times
  •   Garden windows are easy to open from the sides so that you don’t lose the ability to open your kitchen windows to enjoy a fresh breeze when the weather is perfect

Garden windows add value and aesthetic appeal to any home, making it more interesting to buyers if you ever choose to sell. Additionally, the look adds a bit of appeal for you, too, so that you feel more comfortable and much happier in your home.

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